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ADI Part 3 Rescue Course in Grimsby and Hull

Last Attempt At Your ADI Part Three?

Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6 ) is one of the most respected Driving Instructor trainers in the industry today. He is passionate about Driving Instructor training and has a pass rate which is second to none.

You've probably arrived at this page because you are desperate, frustrated and totally disillusioned with your driving instructor training. Down to your last attempt at ADI Part 3? Well you are not alone. Thousands of potential driving instructors are being fleeced of thousands of pounds by the so called big driving instructor training companies who demand massive up front payments and then don't live up to expectations.

Call us now on 01472 31 32 33 before it's too late. We really can help you to get that green badge!

In our experience most ADI Part 3 failures are mainly due to poor quality Driving Instructor Training. How many of you have been with Driving Instructor Training companies who use the buddy system? This is where one trainee instructor teaches another trainee instructor. (The blind leading the blind comes to mind!) Were you ever told about this before you signed up? We doubt it.

Keith has been conducting Driving Instructor Training Courses for many years! He is passionate about ADI Part Three training and he has a pass rate which is absolutely second to none. Over the years, he has worked very closely with the DVSA and the examiners in Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire and he knows exactly what they are looking for and that is what we give them.

Our ADI Part 3 Rescue course in Grimsby and ADI Part 3 Rescue course In Hull is specifically designed for those who have recently failed two attempts at the approved driving instructor Part 3 test.

The ADI Part 3 Rescue course is very intensive in both structure and content and is designed to identify and remedy any weak areas or misconceptions regarding the ADI Part 3 test.

ADI Part 3 Rescue Training

After a 1 hour assessment and comprehensive debrief, we will then get you on the road to recovery. You will then do a minimum of 10 hours intensive driving instructor training conducted on a one to one basis. This driving course will be run over two days.

Cost Of The ADI Part 3 Rescue Course

The ADI Part 3 Rescue Course course fee is £395.00.  Please note that any additional driving instructor training will be charged for at a rate of £39 per hour.

When attending the driving instructor training ADI Part 3 rescue course in Grimsby and ADI Part 3 Rescue Course in Hull, you should provide both copies of your previous test reports and the current workbooks and/or prompt cards used for previous driving tests.

Passing Part Three Is EASY... Let Us Show You How..

Call Intensive Driving UK now to book your ADI Part 3 Rescue Course in Grimsby or ADI Part 3 Rescue Course in Hull contact us for more information.

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