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Driving Instructor Training - ADI Course Part 3

ADI Part 3

To be successful at the ADI Part 3 examination, you will need to have an excellent knowledge of all the subjects that any new driver may need to be taught.

In preparation for this test we will teach you how to teach others. You will receive 40 hours of one to one driving tuition spread over 7 days.

Your driving instructor training course will include classroom tuition and in-car tuition where your tutor will role play a variety of learner drivers at various stages of development and this will enable you to develop a wide range of driver training skills which you will need to master in order to pass the ADI Part Three test.

The ADI Part 3 training course will develop your skills in the following areas:

The ADI Course Part 3 Core Competencies

  • Identification of faults - what went wrong
  • Fault analysis - why, when, where & how the fault occurred
  • Remedial action - how to put it right and the dangers of not correcting the faults

Instructional Techniques

  • Level of Instruction - tailoring your instruction to the learner driver's needs
  • Planning - knowing when to give instruction & how to deliver it effectively
  • Control - of the lesson, the learner and the car and keeping everyone safe
  • Communication skills - having the learner understand your instructions in a manner they understand and respond to
  • Q & A techniques - being able to ask or answer the right question at the right time in order to get the response required whether verbally or through actions, from the learner
  • Feedback & encouragement - vital in learning development, knowing when, where and how to praise or point out faults
  • Use of controls - knowing when, why and what actions to take after using them
  • Attitude & approach - creating, establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment

ADI Part 3 Training Costs

40 hours instruction using driving school car: £1200.00 plus accommodation if required.

All additional driving instructor training will be charged for at the rate of £30.00 per hour.

We have driving instructors in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Hull, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Louth, Brigg, Mablethorpe and all surrounding areas within Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. If you live outside these areas, you will need our residential driving course.

The ADI Part 3 Test

The ADI Part 3 test is approximately 1 Hour long and can be conducted in an area close to your home. It is split into two role playing exercises.

The examiner will set the scene for you by describing what kind of pupil he/she will be role playing. In the first phase of the test he/she will play the part of a novice or absolute beginner, whereas in the second phase he will play the part of a pupil who is at test standard. Most of our students find that the part three course is exciting and challenging.

The cost of the ADI Part 3 test is currently £99. You are only allowed a maximum of three attempts at this examination.

Interested? Then your next step is to speak to one of our friendly driving instructor training course advisors on 01472 31 32 33.

Call Intensive Driving UK now to book your driving instructor training ADI Part 3 course or contact us for more information.

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