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The Standards Check - ADI Standards Check Training Grimsby

Our Standards Check training in Grimsby is conducted by our senior Instructor Keith Hornby who is an ADI grade 6 and holds the Diploma in Driving Instruction and is a tutor in Adult and Further education. His Part 3 Rescue Course is in big demand and his remedial training is absolutely first class. After 35 as an ADI Keith knows the business inside out. So if you are struggling with your Standards Check and require help with getting your Grade A, give him a call and realise your dream.

After qualifying as an ADI, you will eventually have a Standards Check for your continued ability to give instruction. Generally your first Standards Check test will be an "Educational" visit, where help and advice will be given.

Need help? Contact us.

  • Has the dreaded letter arrived on the mat?
  • Is it your first check test and unsure what to expect?
  • Are you unhappy with your current grade?
  • Looking to achieve the grade YOU deserve?

We can help you fulfil your true potential!

Keith offers a comprehensive Standards Check assessment and training session, regardless of your experience. So whether it's your first or twenty-first ADI Standards Check, we can help you achieve that Grade A.

ADI Check Test Training To Suit You

We generally conduct a Standards Check assessment in the following format.

  • Assessment of you giving a real-life driving lesson with a learner or qualified driver.

A typical session would be conducted as follows, although this would obviously be altered to suit your previous experience and requirements:

  • We will discuss your specific goals for the session and then carry out an initial assessment of a lesson.

  • At the end of your lesson, we give you an in depth debrief, identifying your main areas for improvement. We will provide you with full information on the conduct of a Standards check test, and provide you with an overview of the Standards Check marking sheet.
  • We will then deliver coaching, where necessary, to address your key areas for development.and give you specific feedback with a view to achieving a Grade A.

Your Check Test Grade Really Does Matter

It demonstrates both to yourself and your prospective pupils that you are doing your job well. A good grade can be invaluable if you wish to progress into Fleet Driver Training or ADI Training.

Many Fleet Driver Training companies, Police Authorities and Local Councils operating the National Driver Improvement Scheme (NDIS), Red Light or Speed Awareness Courses require their trainers to be a minimum of a Grade A.

The Next Step

Once you've made the choice to be assessed and trained, you can be assured that you are taking the right steps to maintain a high standard at all times - a standard of which you should be proud. Call Keith on 01472 31.32.33 for some friendly advice or guidance on your Standards Check or indeed to book in your Standards Check  assessment & training session.

We look forward to helping you achieve the ultimate Grade A.

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