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DSA Approved Driving Instructors - Testimonials

"I would just like to say thanks to Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6) and the team from the bottom of my heart. The driving instructor training you gave me for ADI Part 1, ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3 was absolutely first class. Having passed all three parts first time I couldn't have asked for more. When I first started training, you told me that the pass rate for ADI Part 3 was only 28% but I would suggest that if every trainer trained to your standard the pass rate would be far higher. Since I started working for you on a trainee licence some 6 months ago, I have seen many people take their ADI Part 3 training with you and I can honestly say that I was greatly inspired by the number of people who passed first time. I was also impressed with the professionalism of the ADI examiners at the Hull test centre (Sandy Harris and Simon Gleadhill). They were absolutely first class."
Richard Murtagh ADI (car) Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

"I was down to my last attempt at ADI Part 3 and desperate. I did my driving instructor training with the Instructor College but I was very disappointed with the way my ADI course was conducted. I scoured the internet and after much research I found a trainer who in my opinion is absolutely first class. When I called him, instead of me asking the usual question "How Much?", this time I asked what qualifications do you have? I was impressed with what he told me. In fact I was so impressed that I travelled up from London to see him. His name is Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6 ) of Intensive Driving UK. He knows the game inside out. He has many qualifications, which are on display at the driving school and he is passionate about ADI Part 3 training.

Keith told me that he has had many students who have come from the Instructor College and more lately RED driving school. They have all commented about the poor training they received. I also have several friends who attended the Instructor College and they too were disappointed with the driver instructor training. Keith told me that I had failed my previous tests because there was so much missing from my driver training. I now know that I never had a chance of passing. After much training with Keith, I went on to pass my ADI Part 3 with flying colours and I am now the proud owner of a Green Badge, which I display with pride. Since passing my ADI Part 3 I have sent many of my colleagues along to see Keith and they have all commented about how good he is. My advice to anyone looking for ADI Part 3 training is give Keith a call, you won't regret it."
P.S. Bamra ADI (car) London

"Special thanks to the team who really made the difference to my driver instructor training, Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6) of Intensive Driving UK. It was through this site that I became aware of these truly brilliant trainers, and they really are great guys".
Martin Fletcher DSA ADI (car) Walthamstow

"I joined Intensive Driving UK on their free training scheme and my training throughout all three parts of the qualifying examinations was absolutely first class. Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6 ) is a very professional tutor and definitely knows his job. With his help I was successful at passing ADI Part 1, ADI Part 2, and ADI Part 3 at the Hull driving test centre. I am now a fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor and have a very successful career working with Intensive Driving UK".
Janneen Willis DSA ADI (car) Grimsby, Lincolnshire

"I recently spent two great days with my ADI trainer Keith Hornby (ADI Grade 6 ) of Intensive Driving UK. I had previously failed my ADI Part 3 exam twice and was down to my last attempt when I saw their ADI Part 3 Rescue Course advertised on this site. The standard of coaching and the fun way it was delivered was truly great. This guy has a passion for the job and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much guys!"
Trevor Connor DSA ADI (car) Coventry

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to Keith and the rest of his team for making my dreams come true. Having finally passed my ADI Part 3 I can now get on with my life. Having had two previous trainers, I can tell you that the training I received from Keith is without doubt probably the best in the industry. Thanks to all the team at Intensive Driving UK (including Julie the receptionist who kept me supplied with coffee), you made my stay the most enjoyable experience!"
Peter Billings DSA ADI (car) Newcastle on Tyne

"After having failed my ADI Part 3 twice I felt it was now or never. When I contacted Keith Hornby for the first time, I really felt he was concerned and he took time to discuss my fears and explored different ways in which to improve my instructing techniques. After completing only 6 hours of driving instructor training with Keith, it was an eye opening experience and I could not believe how much was missing from my previous training. On the day of the test, Keith went out of his way to make me relax, he even accompanied me to the test centre and introduced me to the examiner. Thanks so much to Keith for providing the missing ingredient. I now have a future! Kind regards and many thanks."
Julie Durrant, DSA ADI (car), Leeds

"I would like to say a big thank you to Keith Hornby of Intensive Driving UK for getting me through my DSA Parts 1, 2 and 3 examinations. I have no doubt that I would not be teaching now if it were not for Keith's support and training. His methods and his advice are absolutely spot on. He is passionate about driving instructor training and it shows in his training methods. When I took my ADI Part 2 driving test in Hull I passed with a clean sheet, not even one minor mark. My ADI Part 3 results where also impressive with grades of 5 on Phase 1 and 6 on Phase 2. These results are a testimony to Keith's training." His qualifications are impressive. First and foremost he is a Grade 6 Instructor. He holds the Diploma in Driving Instruction and is a tutor in Adult and Further education ( City and Guilds teaching Cert.)
Alex Frost DSA ADI (car) Grimsby, Lincolnshire

"I would like to say a big thank you to Keith from Intensive Driving UK. Your driver training is simply the best. The company offer a free, unlimited training scheme in return for signing a three year contract to work for the driving school. This scheme saved me thousands of pounds. Throughout the driving instructor training course I was amazed at how much training I received. I was successful at my first attempt in all three parts of the qualifying examinations and I now work as a self employed driving instructor for the company, earning hundreds of pounds per week. This is a very busy driving school with a big reputation. I have no doubt that I would not be here now if it was not for Keith's support and training. His methods and his advice are absolutely spot on. He is passionate about driving instructor training and it shows in his teaching methods. The results of my tests bear testimony to his training skills. Thanks Keith."
Ian Finch DSA ADI (car), Scunthorpe

"Hi Keith. I have just arrived back home and I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for the time you spent with me last week. I really enjoyed it and was buzzing all the way back home. I learned so much in the short time I was with you. Having failed my ADI Part 2 twice I was beginning to despair, but thanks to your expert driving tuition I finally cracked it. It was so nice to be working with someone who clearly enjoys what they do. I'm really excited about our future training for my ADI Part 3 because I know I will ultimately be a better driving instructor for the experience."
Mohammed Yousef DSA PDI (car) London

"I would like to express my thanks to Keith for the excellent driving tuition he gave me throughout ADI Parts 1 and ADI Part 2. Having joined the company on their free training scheme, I think the support they have given me and the subsequent training I have received has been 1st class. Keith is a true professional who is absolutely dedicated to driving instructor training. I am now studying with them for my ADI Part 3 and thoroughly enjoying every minute."
Alison Chapman PDI (car) Scunthorpe

WOW, I am absolutely over the moon. I have just passed my ADI Part 3 first time. I didn't just scrape through, I passed with flying colours. I got 5 on Phase 1 and 5 for Phase 2. The examiner commented that I nearly got a 6 on both phases but I was well happy with my result. All this was made possible thanks to Keith Hornby who gave me the finest driving instructor training anyone could ask for. He is just brilliant at what he does. I joined the company on their free training scheme and I must say it was the best move I have ever made. My marking sheet is on file at his office for anyone to see. If you want to become a driving instructor or you are struggling with the ADI Part 2 or ADI Part 3, give him a call, you won't regret it. I must also thank Simon Gleadhill the examiner at Hull for making all this possible. He was very professional throughout and he put me at ease from the word go.
Chris Dawson ADI (car) North East Lincolnshire

Driving Instructor training at its best. That is what I got from Keith at Intensive Driving UK. He is a credit to the profession. I have just passed my ADI Part 3 first time at the Hull test centre. He made my driving instructor training such a pleasure. I enjoyed every session. It is hard work but if you follow his advice I am confident anyone can pass with them. I am now the proud owner of my green badge and I look forward to working as a full time professional ADI with Intensive Driving UK. The examiner, Kevin Gordon, who made all this possible was very professional and a credit to the DSA.
Alison Chapman ADI (car) Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Many thanks to Keith Hornby for giving me the chance of a lifetime. I joined his company, Intensive Driving UK, on their free training scheme. The training I received was absolutely 1st class. With Keith's help I managed to pass all three parts of the exams with flying colours and I have now got my green badge. I'm loving every minute of it. Keith is a credit to the profession and I hope that I can follow in his footsteps.
Andy Bray ADI (car) Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

What can I say that hasnt already been said on here. I have just qualified as an ADI at Intensive Driving UK. My Tutor was Keith Hornby (ADI grade 6 ) who is absolutely passionate about Driving Instructor training, His tuition was absolutely first class. Although I was anxious when it came to taking my Part 3 test, I passed first time with a 5 on phase 1 and a 5 on phase 2. I am now going to work for his company as a fully qualified ADI providing professional driving lessons in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Hull, Louth and Lincoln. Many thanks to Keith and all the team at Intensive Driving UK
Andrew Nunn ADI (car) Cleethorpes

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