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Hourly driving Lessons, Block Bookings or Intensive Driving Course. The choice is yours

Driving Lessons & Block Bookings

So you've got your provisional licence and you're excited about learning to drive. The question is which school do you choose? Firstly our advice would be to look for a school that is long established. Here at Intensive Driving UK we have been established over 35 years and in that time we have had literally thousands of passes and many satisfied students.

Secondly and probably most important is Don't be tempted with schools offering ridiculously cheap lessons i.e 6 lessons for £50 (£8.50 per lessons) or 11 lessons for £99 (£9 per lesson) The Instructor will be earning approximately £3.50 - £5 per hour after fuel and office fees. Just ask yourself would a professional instructor really work for that kind of reward. They would probably earn more on benefits.

So why are these schools so cheap? Perhaps due to their reputation they don't have many students or Perhaps the instructors are low grade and not very good at their job.The top schools only recruit first class professional instructors. 

Consider our advice but in the end It's your choice but be sure to choose wisely.

At Intensive Driving UK, whether you want a 1 hour lesson (£28), 90 minutes (£42) or a 2 hour lesson, (£56) the choice is yours. Our 90 minute lessons are very popular with college students as they fit in well between college lessons. You can choose a Male or Female Instructor and you can rest assured that you will receive a first class service.

If you've never driven before you can start with our beginners course or Pay for a block of 10 hours and we can offer a great discount (£260).

So if your'e ready to start your lessons, call us now on 01472 31.32.33

Our friendly reception staff are awaiting your call.

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