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Intensive Driving UK Terms & Conditions are designed to protect the interests of both you and the company and clearly set out our Terms of Business. You are strongly recommended to familiarise yourself with the contents before entering into any agreement. You may also seek independent advice should you require it.

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Intensive Driving UK own or have a licence to the rights for the designs, pictures, logos, photographs and contents of this website and these are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. This means that while you may view or print individual pages for your own personal use, you cannot copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, display, post or transmit any part of the site without the written permission of Intensive Driving UK.

We fully abide by the ORDIT recommended code of practice in such that:

We will provide a full copy of our training course contract or agreement and any other associated Terms & Conditions and give an opportunity for any prospective trainee to study them away from the premises and seek independent advice, if so desired, before they are required to sign any document or make any payment.

We have a refund policy where a trainee cannot continue with the course at the time or any reasonable time in the future on serious medical grounds confirmed in writing by a consultant that prevents them from being able to instruct. Such refund will equate to the cost of provision of training for the remainder of the unused element of a training course provided we are notified by telephone and confirmed in writing 48 hours prior to the commencement of any pre-arranged training dates. This notice does not include the day on which we receive the notice or the day of the training. Should 48 hours notice not be given, the company reserves the right to deduct from any refunds due under this condition, the cost of any days pre-arranged training up to receipt and 48 hours after written confirmation is received. We will abide by the guidance on refunds provided by the Office of Fair Trading and in addition we will treat each individual case on merit giving due consideration to each circumstance.

Refund Policy

We have a refund policy where a trainee has paid for ADI Part 3 training and prior to the commencement of ADI Part 3 training, fails all 3 attempts at the ADI Part 2 examination providing that, each exam was taken in good faith by the trainee and with our agreement. Such refund will equate to the cost of provision of training less any discounts or reduction in costs offered by the company or given at the time of booking. Where a trainee has elected to commence ADI Part 3 training prior to passing the ADI Part 2 examination, they will be refunded the cost of the provision of training for the remaining unused hours. We will abide by the guidance on refunds provided by the Office of Fair Trading and in addition we will treat each individual case on merit giving due consideration to each circumstance.

We have a refund policy where a trainee has paid for any element of training and prior to the commencement of training their application for registration with the DVSA is refused, provided the trainee has not deliberately withheld or falsely stated any relevant information as part of their application to attend the course and provided it was not as a result of any event or incident following commencement of the training course and such refund shall be limited to the cost of provision of training less any discounts or reduction in costs offered by the company or given at the time of booking.

Where we have not been able to assess a trainee’s suitability for training, in respect of the driving ability and instructional ability tests, upon the first in car training session an assessment will be carried out on the trainee’s suitability to complete and pass the respective DVSA exams. We will inform the trainee of our findings and make recommendations as to continuation of or termination of the course. Where termination has been recommended, a trainee will receive a refund less the cost of the training given and conditions set out in paragraph 4 of these Terms & Conditions.

Where a trainee has voluntarily taken all or part thereof any ADI Part 3 training prior to passing the ADI Part 2 test, no refund of any remaining training will be given if the trainee fails all 3 attempts at the ADI Part 2 test.

We will provide a prompt and automatic refund of any entitlement under these Terms and Conditions. Refunds will be made payable to the person(s) or responsible bodies making the initial course payment.

We will inform you, prior to payment or before commencement of any training, services provided, costs, venue, duration and content in relation to the training course and the ADI examination structure, in writing.

We will provide a copy of our Terms of Business and our complaints procedure.

We will take all reasonable care, skill and diligence in providing training in all relevant aspects of traffic and driver education needed to pass the ADI qualifying exams, taking into account individual training needs and safety.

We will not disclose to a third party any information given by a trainee during training or training progress or driving and instructional ability except where under obligation in law or with the DVSA as part of an ORDIT inspection or with a third party who is paying for a trainee’s training but subject to the trainee’s knowledge.

We will ensure all vehicles used in training are maintained in a safe and satisfactory condition, properly insured, taxed and where appropriate certified as roadworthy.

We will always apply an honest, moral and professional approach in all business practice and avoid improper language, suggestion or physical contact with trainees as well as maintaining proper standards of hygiene and dress.

We will comply with all current legislation particularly in respect of business premises and practice, staff, vehicles and public liability.

We require 48 hours notice of cancellation of any pre-arranged training lessons, not including the day of notification and not including the day of the training. Failure to give 48 hours written notice will result in the loss of the training and will be classed as having been taken by the training as part of our obligations under the training paid for. Should this result in insufficient training in readiness for an exam or as stated by the DVSA, the trainee will be responsible for additional training costs. We will however treat each case individually and will act in a sympathetic manner to genuine or unavoidable circumstances.

We do not include the cost of any exam fees, additional training, travel or subsistence elements within our training course fees/costs. It remains the sole responsibility of the trainee to pay for all such items.

All training course fees must be paid for at least seven clear working days in advance of any commencement of training. We may, at our discretion, commence training prior to this time limit but reserve the right to withhold completion or certification of course completion until such fees have been paid and cleared.

Where a trainee has opted for staged payment training options or in house financing, training will not be completed or certificates issued until all monies due under the agreement have been paid and cleared. Failure to fulfil any contractual payment options, without prior written agreement, will result in suspension of all training until such payments are brought up to date as per the agreement. If two consecutive payments are missed the trainee will be considered in breach of the terms of the agreement and as such all training will cease with no refunds made for training not taken. The agreement may be terminated by the trainee in writing, giving fourteen days notice of such intention provided the value of training received does not exceed the value of monies paid by the trainee at the time of cancellation. No reduction of fees will be payable in the event of the trainee settling the agreement early.

If a trainee fails to contact us in writing informing us of any delays in training/application processes/personal circumstances preventing continuation for a period of 8 weeks, or we do not have any written communication from any trainee for the same 8 week period, we will consider the trainee no longer wishes to continue with the course an as such no refunds will be due in respect of any training not taken.

We do not provide any training refunds for trainees who decide to change their mind part way through any stage of the course for which training fees may have been paid and no application for a refund will be consider

We reserve the right to change, update or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time and will provide written confirmation to trainee’s affected by the changes.

If you have any questions concerning the above stated Terms & Conditions please contact us.

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